b4lyli1iaaamht3From Ciny Milstein’s Blog

Last night, December 10, 2014, after marching for about four hours from downtown Berkeley to downtown Oakland, with only about three hundred people at most, as the #BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter demo was seemingly winding down, some folks courageously outed two undercover cops (not infiltrators, mind you; they blend in much better and disrupt in much more subtle, long-term ways, including by building trust and friendship with various protesters). One of the undercovers got spooked and whipped out a gun; they also arrested one or two black people — seemingly at “random” (i.e., due to the logic of institutional racism). There are many photos of this, such as the one here. Oakland police are scurrying to deny it was one of theirs, and word is that these are California Highway Patrol cops. Still, many Oakland cops were on hand, on foot, in cop cars and vans, and overhead in the ever-present helicopter. They watched their or someone else’s cop do this, and didn’t intervene.

This incident is surprising and not surprising.

Read more here.


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