WNCN originally released this internal report by DPD in two articles. It’s highly interesting in many places, making clear the full level of stress being experienced by DPD and the level of conflict with the crowd. According to the report, at least three times in the evening DPD had to call in its entire force on duty to deal with the protest.

On the subject of anarchists at these demonstrations, and the state’s attempt to locate all disobedience and discontent in one isolated, identifiable group, we would quote a recent zine on the subject:

We should be clear: anarchists, who are by no means all white and only a minority of whom are from Chapel Hill, are present at these demonstrations in Durham. They were intrinsically involved in not just combative street protest but also vigils, legal support, communication with the family, and outreach during the Chuy protests, and have been involved more recently in calling for solidarity protests, spreading word online, bringing drums and banners to protests, and doing legal support and fundraising. But anarchists are only one of the many groups of angry and militant individuals who have been showing up—they are not professional agitators or riot tourists, but simply one aspect of these protests who bring a sincere hatred and deep critique of police in this society. The fact that aggressive and combative activity has expanded beyond any one political identity or aesthetic, including the anarchists, is part of this movement’s power.

The after action report can be found here, the appendices (also very much worth reading) here.


One thought on “Media Releases DPD “After Action Report” on December 5th March, Highlights Anarchist Involvement

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