(from Spirithouse)


On December 18, 2012, Carlos Riley, Jr. defended himself against a Durham Police Officer’s threats to shoot him during what started as traffic stop. Although Carlos fought for his life and won, he is already sitting in jail for 10 years under federal charges that were brought against him. Despite this fact, Durham’s locally elected prosecutor is continuing to press for even more charges.

On Tuesday, Jan. 20, Carlos Jr, through his lawyer, will be asking our locally elected judge to dismiss these charges. We need you to act now to show that #BlackLivesMatter. Join us in calling for our District Attorney to dismiss these charges.

Here are two things we need you to do now:

1. On Friday, call Durham District Attorney Roger Echols to urge him to dismiss the charges against Carlos Riley, Jr. Carlos shouldn’t be further punished for acting in self-defense. The phone number is (919) 808-3010.

2. On Tuesday, at 10 AM, join us at the Durham County Courthouse, Room 7D, to stand in support and solidarity with Carlos, Jr. and his family. Please wear purple if you can. (It is Carlos Jr’s favorite color).

Video from Carlos Jr’s family here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wEVa7535uU


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