Join others at the Durham Downtown Library at 5:30 pm this Friday to march in solidarity with all those enraged by the racist police murders in Minneapolis, Baltimore, Chicago and beyond. We will be marching to join the weekly demonstration of friends and family against the conditions at the downtown jail.

On December 3rd Minneapolis police bulldozed and destroyed the precinct occupation that was gathered to mourn the murder of Jamar Clark, who was handcuffed and shot in the head by MPD on November 16. For over a week protesters blockaded the precinct, fighting back against tear gas and pepper spray with their bodies, rocks, and molotov cocktails.

In Baltimore trial began last week for William Porter, one of the six cops responsible for the death of Freddie Gray back in April.

The U.S. Dept of Justice just launched a civil rights investigation into the Chicago Police Department in response to the outcry against the recently released video of CPD murdering Laquan McDonald last October.

The cops don’t keep us safe, and neither do the courts and prisons to which they send us. No verdict for killer cops can quell our fury or return our slain friends and family.

Let’s march to show that our spirited resistance cannot be quashed by bulldozers or quieted by legal process. Last winter in Durham we marched with Ferguson, twice shutting down NC-147 in outrage at the same white supremacist police structure that murdered Jesus “Chuy” Huerta in the winter of 2013.

Come out this Friday to build on our town’s history of anti-racist demonstration!


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